Cassandra Skoptos

(If Jamie Hewett drew a paean to Tindalos)

Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Concept: Unwitting priestess
Point Total: 135 / Unused: 0


  Strength:	 8 ( -1 )
Dexterity: 18 ( +4 )
Constitution: 10 ( +0 )
Intelligence: 22 ( +6 )
Wisdom: 20 ( +5 )
Charisma: 8 ( -1 )


Attack: 1 (5, some powers)
Defense: 6 (3, helpless)
Toughness: 4 (0, helpless)


Fortitude: 2 (2 ranks + 0 Con)
Reflex: 4/6 (4 Dex / + 2 Enhanced Reflex)
Will: 5/6 (5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)


Acrobatics: 6/8 (2 ranks + 4 Dex / + 2 Enhanced Acrobatics)
Bluff: 4 (5 ranks – 1 Cha)
Climb: -1 (-1 Str)
Computers: 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
Concentration: 10/11 (5 ranks + 5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)
Painting: 8 (2 ranks + 6 Int)
Electronic: 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
Diplomacy: -1 (-1 Cha)
Disable Device: 10/11 (5 ranks + 5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)
Disguise: -1 (-1 Cha)
Drive: NA
Escape Artist: 7 (3 ranks + 4 Dex)
Gather Info: -1 (-1 Cha)
Handle Animal: -1 (-1 Cha)
Intimidate: -1 (-1 Cha)
Investigate: NA
Behavioral 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
Earth Sci 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
History 10 (4 ranks + 6 Int)
Popular 9 (3 ranks + 6 Int)
Street 11 (5 ranks + 6 Int)
Technology 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
Theology 7 (1 rank + 6 Int)
Medicine: NA
Notice: 12/15 (7 ranks + 5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis + 2 Enhanced Notice)
Breakdance: 3 (4 ranks – 1 Cha)
Pilot: NA
Profession: NA
Ride: NA
Search: 10/11 (5 ranks + 5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)
Sense Motive: 13/14 (8 ranks + 5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)
Sleight: 8/10 (4 ranks + 4 Dex / + 2 Enhanced Sleight)
Stealth: 7/9 (3 ranks + 4 Dex / + 2 Enhanced Stealth)
Survival: 5/6 (5 Wis / + 1 Enhanced Wis)
Swim: -1 (-1 Str)
Feats -
 Defensive Roll 4
 Eidetic Memory
 Evasion 2
 Beginner's Luck

Powers -

  • Immunity: Aging
  • Time-bending, Array
    Feat: 2 x Accurate			+2pp
    Feat: 2 x Affects Immaterial +2pp
    Feat: 5 x Alternative Power +5pp
    (Desc: Time, Causality, Things Beyond The World, Waves of effect, As Above So Within, Expressive, Evocation, Willful)
    • Bullet Time, 9 ranks
      	(Desc: Hasten Self, Unravel Fate, Movement, Evasive, Know Future)
      BASE: Deflect slow & fast 2ppr
      Half effect vs. fast, round down -½ppr
      Actn: Standard → Free +2ppr
      Feat: Interpose +1pp
      Feat: Precise +1pp
      Feat: Dynamic +1pp
    • Sluggard’s Lash, 7 ranks
      	(Desc: Slow Other, Twist Fate, Attach to target, Chaotic, Friction, Encourage Present)
      BASE: Drain Speed 3ppr
      Area: Shapeable, Targeted +1ppr
      Feat: Progression (Bigger) +1pp
      Feat: 2 x Slow Fade +2pp
      Feat: Dynamic +1pp
    • Stasis Field, 5 Ranks
      	(Desc: Stop Region, Knot Fate, Tug-of-war, Nosebleed-level strain, Enforce Present)
      BASE: Paralyze 2ppr
      Rng: Touch → Normal +1ppr
      Dur: Instant → Conc. +1ppr
      Area: Burst, General +1ppr
      Save: None +2ppr
      Affects Objects +1ppr
      Distracting -1ppr
      Tiring -1ppr
    • Jitterblessing, 11 ranks
      	(Desc: Hasten Other, Loosen Fate, Movement, Separation, Attach to target, Identify with target, Ignore Present)
      BASE: Boost Speed 3ppr
      Others Only -1ppr
      Feat: Split Attack +1pp
      Feat: Subtle +1pp
      Save: Reflex, Harmless +0pp
    • Celerity, 8 ranks
      	(Desc: Hasten Self and Other, Grease Fate, Movement, Encourage Future)
      BASE: Quickness 1ppr
      +BASE: Speed +1ppr
      Affects Others +1ppr
      Feat: Moving Feint +1pp
      +BASE: Improved Initiative +1ppr
    • Zing, 11 ranks
      	(Desc: Hasten Object, Ballistic Damage, Movement, Speed, Imply Future)
      BASE: Damage 1ppr
      Autofire +1ppr
      Feat: Subtle +1pp
      Feat: Thrown +1pp

Crippling Synaesthesia, 4 ranks

	(Desc: Shared sensations, Unintelligible, Overwhelming)
BASE: Nauseate 2ppr
Mental Aura +1ppr
Permanent -1ppr
Save: Will +0ppr

Scrambled Senses, 10 ranks

BASE: Super-Sense 1ppr
New: Danger Sense: Causality 1r
New: Uncanny Dodge: Causality 1r
New: Time Sense 1r
New: RAW: Tremorsense 3r
Actn: Free → Move -1pp
Mod: Tactile → Analytical 2r
Mod: Hearing → Analytical 1r
Mod: Taste → Acute 1r
DAdv: Vision lost, others improved -4pp
DAdv: All senses Dazzle DC +50% -3pp
Feat: Innate +1pp

  • Time Senses, Array
     Feat: 2x Alternative Power		+2pp
    • Look Forward, 7 ranks
          BASE: Super-Sense			 1ppr
      New: Precognition 4r
      Counters Illusion 2r
      Tracking 1r
    • Psychometry, 2 ranks
          BASE: Comprehension			 2ppr
      Objects 2r
      3x Rapid +3pp
    • Live for Today, 1 rank
          BASE: Super-Sense			 1ppr
      New: Concealment Awareness 1r
      +BASE: 2 x Enhanced Reflex Save +2pp
      2 x Enhanced Wisdom +2pp
      2 x Enhanced Acrobatics +½pp
      2 x Enhanced Notice +½pp
      2 x Enhanced Sleight +½pp
      2 x Enhanced Stealth +½pp

Motivation: Thrill.

Probable complications: Compulsive theft. Prone to risk-taking behavior. Gets coldly furious when underestimated. Occasionally attracts the attention of Elder Gods.


Cassandra was the Brooklyn-born daughter of Greek immigrants. She was only ten when her mother succumbed to breast cancer, and her father, a cab driver, had very little time to supervise her. Low expectations at the local schools left her consistently bored and more than a little hostile to authority. She grew impatient and disrespectful, and her teachers struggled to keep her attention. Petty theft, vandalism, and other mischief occupied most of her youthful free time, but at least it kept her from getting into real trouble.

Those low expectations, and Cassandra’s excellent recall, led to her graduation at fifteen. Her father, while initially bursting with pride, absolutely did not approve of the way she carried on from there. Over the next year, she turned her hobbyist pickpocketing into a real profession. Cleaning out wallets covered her expenses, and she shoplifted nearly her whole wardrobe. A mild initial interest in street art blossomed into openly seditious—and often beautifully rendered—graffiti. Things got interesting the next winter, when she swiped what appeared to be gaudy stage jewelry and a few ornate pottery pieces from a curio shop in Chinatown. When she reached privacy and handled the objects to appraise her take, she was immediately confronted by memories of things that never actually happened. Well, not to her, anyway. The dreams came not long after that, of grand cities full of impossible angles and people who had the wrong number of limbs and spoke to each other of her past and her future. Assuming the stress of skirting law enforcement was causing her to crack, she vowed to go straight and enrolled at SUNY, much to mister Skoptos’ relief.

At college, Cassandra enrolled in a History degree, but rarely attended classes. She was an exceptionally quick study, and had no interest in what she viewed as nothing more than sitting around, waiting for everyone else to catch up. Her grades hovered around a C level as a result, much to the annoyance of professors who chided her for wasting so much potential. Her test scores, when she bothered to show up for them, were uniformly stellar. Meanwhile, her strange dreams had stopped, only to be replaced by stranger visions throughout the day. She increasingly suffered episodes of deja vu, hallucinations in any and every sense, disordered thinking, and an absolute shit relationship with sequence and time. Obviously, this didn’t help with her studies much.

She never really went straight, either. Whatever theory of mind and behavior you favor, Cassandra had caught the bug, and couldn’t restrain her sticky fingers for more than a few days at a time. Raiding the shops in the Student Union building kept the edge off, and her progressive dementia did slow her some, but she just couldn’t avoid taking on more significant challenges. Campus security finally caught up to her after two years and more than two dozen stolen computers, music players, and cell phones. No one had even reported the text books missing from the bookstore, yet, but they brought the total high enough for Grand Theft. She wasn’t too old for juvie, but a few bad character witnesses saw her tried as an adult. When she loudly announced to her public defender during his closing arguments that the jury had already made up their minds, she prompted them to do exactly that.

The letter to the judge came just before her sentencing hearing. Whether the woman owed some powerful favors, or the ink was enchanted, or something even stranger is not clear. Regardless of the method, no one present at that hearing knew of it anyway, only that Cassandra’s three to five would be commuted if she agreed to spend the time at DFMA. Jail, presumably, would have been the more boring option. Cassandra was a dejected thrill-seeker.

By now, over two years since the “Incident”, everything has gone loopy for Cassandra. Her senses, much sharper than they used to be, are all scrambled into one another. She can hear with her fingertips and taste the sound of voices, but the smell of seeing is so intense she can barely stand to open her eyes. On the bright side, her unused vision is filled with information that people would normally call a “sixth sense”. The near future is plain as day behind her blindfold, and with some effort, she can slide that focus up and down the timeline to an amazing degree. Along with clear knowledge of the future, she has also gained the insight to adjust it to her needs. Oracle’s prophecies always come true, even if she has to make them happen, herself.

Best power source explanation:
Cassandra has some rare receptivity or vulnerability to the effects of contact with some extradimensional forces or intelligences, and she has the almost unheard of capacity to actually restrain those effects. Most people who receive input with the places from out of time and space wind up being misdiagnosed with schizophrenia or worse. She… actually had the capacity to contain that input, though not without straining her fragile 3D meatbrain to near its breaking point.

Her synaesthesia is the result of trying to pack seven or eight senses into the experience-space of the normal human five, and forcefully. Not because something was necessarily trying to force the matter, but because the Causal Principle is so fucking pervasive that the whole world contributes to that force at once.

Imagine a million leaves floating on the surface of an infinite ocean that is always rising rapidly. None of them ever notices the rise, it just carries them upward. They have no other frame of reference. Nothing is not rising, and nothing is really off the surface. Now one leaf bumps into a stone pillar as the ocean rises past it. The pillar isn’t even real to the other leaves, but the force tears the struck one to tatters and makes it forever aware of a new frame of reference. That leaf, having been pulled below the surface briefly, is now wet on both sides. It knows there is water. It has seen the water move.

Cassandra bumped that pillar, a once-in-a-generation accident, and survived, a once-in-an-era feat. Her frame of reference is no longer fixed to the present, and therefore not to time as an eternal present. Her material self is still subject to all those rules, but something about her mind exists ex temporis, though it can rarely wander far from that air-water boundary. She sees time flow from an outside perspective, though only partially. And she can just barely glimpse the things that naturally reside outside it. They’re unlikely to notice her unless she really shakes something up, since she’s only a human. But their movements are a source of information about what time Was and Will Be that might as well be prophesy, it’s so alien to ordinary experience.

Cassandra Skoptos

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