Dr. Leon Thomas Plott

RA for the Seelie Building Dorms. Excells at the local variant of WH40k.


Dr. Plott has doctorates in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Programming. His research took him into very obscure areas of the above that often confused or outright confounded others, leading to a thesis paper on ‘Dark Energy’. This particular paper drew little attention from mainstream science, but took the world of ‘arcane science’ by storm, due to it basically being a scientific proof of the existence of magic. The Academy offered him a teaching position, which he reluctantly accepted at first, but hasn’t looked back on since.

Dr. Plott is actually incredibly inept with direct use of magic. Instead he uses it as a power source for a variety of devices of his own engineering, These include several semi-sentient robotics that he at times jokingly refers to as “Plott Devices.”

Dr. Leon Thomas Plott

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