Iris Sepperin

Lux Dominae

Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Point Total: 173 (135 + 38) / Unused: 11

*Abilities*	(18 PP)
Strength	8(-1)
Dexterity	16(3)
Constitution	10(0)
Intelligence	16(3)
Wisdom		8(-1)
Charisma	20(5)

*Combat*	(36 PP)
Attack		+10 ranged/+5 melee (+5 Ranged Attack Focus +5)
Defense		+10 (+7 Dodge) (+6 Dodge Specialization +4)
Toughness	+3 (+0 Con +3 Armor +0)
Fortitude	+4 (+0 Con +4)
Reflex		+8 (+3 Dex +5)
Will		+8 (-1 Wis +9)

*Skills*		(29 PP)
Bluff			15 ranks + 5 Cha = +20
Concentration		12 ranks - 1 Wis = +11
Diplomacy		15 ranks + 5 Cha = +20
Intimidate		2 ranks  + 5 Cha = +7
Know (Arcane Lore)	15 ranks + 3 Int = +18
Know (Civics)		8 ranks + 3 Int = +11
Know (History)		6 ranks  + 3 Int = +9
Know (Theo/Philo)	6 ranks  + 3 Int = +9
Notice			8 ranks  - 1 Wis = +7
Sense Motive		10 ranks  - 1 Wis = +9
Stealth			15 ranks + 3 Dex = +18

Languages		4 ranks (German (native), Latin, English, Japanese, E2Common)

*Feats*		(25 PP)
Attack Focus 5 (Ranged)
Dodge Specialization 6
Eidetic Memory
Equipment 2
Evasion 2
Hide in Plain Sight
Uncanny Dodge 2 (Sight, Sound)

(2/10 points remain)
Whitespace Upgrades: 4 EP.
Reinforced Corset: As Undercover Vest; +3 Toughness, Subtle. 2 EP. "My magic protects me. My Kevlar helps."

Powers (70 PP)

*"Sunlit Gown" [light][magic]
[1 PP/rank (1 PP + 1 PP Impervious - 1 PP Ablative) + 3 PP Linked Power + 4 PP]: 17 PP
Effect: Defense
Action: Free
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Extras: Impervious (1 PP/rank), Linked Power (0 PP/rank) (+3 PP)
Flaws: Ablative (-1 PP/rank)
Power Feats: Selective (1 PP), Subtle 2 (2 PP), Alternate Power (1 PP)
[2 PP/rank + 1 PP]: 3 PP
Effect: Sensory
Action: Free
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Power Feats: Selective (1 PP)

A subtly woven shell of diffused sunlight shrouds Iris, capable of protecting her from most harm. The enchantment also includes a built-in defense against scrying and potential stalkers; this scrying defense is selective enough for her to allow exceptions to it, as well. The Sunlit Gown is not an absolute defense, however; its defensive power will gradually wear down as it absorbs damage, the colors shifting towards the hues of dusk as a visual indicator of its strength.

Alternate Power: "Moonless Gown" [magic]
CONCEALMENT 4 (All Visual)
[2 PP/rank + 5 PP Linked Power + 1 PP]: 14 PP
Effect: Sensory
Action: Free
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Extras: Linked Power (+0 PP/rank) (+2 PP)
Power Feats: Selective (1 PP)
[1/2 PP/rank (1 PP - 1 PP Ablative)]: 5 PP
Effect: Defense
Action: Free
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Flaws: Ablative (-1 PP/rank)

The antithesis of the Sunlit Gown, Moonless Gown is a shell of magic woven tightly enough around Iris to render her completely invisible, granting total concealment against all visual senses. The Moonless Gown also provides some degree of protection, though its main strength lies in stealth.

"Lux Principatus" (Light of Dominion) [sorcery][light]
[5 PP/rank (2 PP + 2 PP Duration + 1 PP Impassible Counter + 2 PP No Save - 1 PP Tiring - 
1 PP Action) + 3 PP]: 53 PP
Effect: Trait
Action: Fullround
Range: Area (Burst)
Duration: Sustained
Saving Throw: None
Extras: Duration 2 (2 PP/rank), Field (0 PP/rank), Impassible Counter (1 PP/rank), No Save (2 PP/rank)
Flaws: Tiring (-1 PP/rank), Action (-1 PP/rank)
Power Feats: Progression (Area) (1 PP), Selective (1 PP/rank), Alternate Power (1 PP)

Lux Principatus, the Light of Dominion, is a sorcery passed down in the very bloodline of House Sepperin for centuries. When used, the Light manifests a complex arcane circle that encloses the area within a within (Rank * 10)’ radius around Iris, granting her dominion over [magic] within the confines of the circle. This ability is very fatiguing, however, and requires all of Iris’s arcane power to manifest and maintain; she cannot use any of her other arcane talents while utilizing this.

*ALTERNATE POWERSET: Light Affinity [light][magic]
While Iris has attained a sufficient mastery of her defensive enchantments to maintain them even while manifesting the Light, she cannot do the same with most of her other techniques. These are learned arcane abilities acquired through study and adaptation, usually utilizing Iris’s innate affinity towards light.

*"Moment of Reflection: From the Looking Glass" [light][spirit][magic]
[4 PP/rank (2 PP + 1 PP Survival + 1 PP Total Fade) + 10 PP]: 50 PP
Effect: Alteration
Action: Standard
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Extras: Independent (+0 PP/rank), Survival (+1 PP/rank), Total Fade (+1 PP/rank)
Power Feats: Mental Link (1 PP), Progression (Number) (2 PP), Slow Fade 2 (2 PP),
Alternate Power 6 (6 PP)

Iris’s trademark spell, derived from notes left behind by Justica; this spell allows her to create duplicates of herself.

*Alternate Power: "Starlight Spear" [light][magic]
[3 PP/rank (2 PP/rank + 1 PP/rank Penetrating) + 13 PP]: 43 PP
Effect: Attack
Action: Standard
Range: Ranged
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Toughness
Extras: Penetrating (+1 PP/rank)
Power Feats: Homing 2 (2 PP), Improved Range (2 PP), Indirect 3 (3 PP), Non-Lethal (1 PP), Precise (1 PP), 
Subtle 2 (2 PP), Triggered 2 (2 PP)

Iris’s main attack technique, Starlight Spear blasts its targets with a powerful beam of light.

*Alternate Power: "Bright Crest" [light][magic]
[3 PP/rank (2 PP/rank + 1 PP/rank Transparent) + 10 PP]: 40 PP
Effect: Attack
Action: Standard
Range: Ranged
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Reflex
Extras: Transparent (+1 PP/rank)
Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial (2 PP), Obscures Sense (Sight) (2 PP), Reversible (1 PP), Subtle 2 (2 PP), 
Tether (1 PP), Triggered (2 PP)

“Inscribed in the heavens, the patterns of the stars seal your fate! Bright Crest!”

Iris creates an arcane circle of light capable of ensnaring her target. Make an attack roll; if it hits, the opponent must make a Reflex save. A save failed by 4 or less means that the target is entangled (-2 penalty to attack rolls and Defense, and a -4 penalty to Dexterity); a save failed by 5 or more (or on a second successful Snare) renders the target bound and helpless. Targets can break out of the Crest using Strength or an effect that doesn’t require freedom of movement (this may restrict the use of some powers and devices, for example). Bright Crests makes Toughness saves like an inanimate object with Toughness of (Rank). Attacks with a damage bonus of (Crest Toughness + 10) or more can break the Snare automatically as a standard action; attacks with a damage bonus of (Crest Toughness + 15) can break the snare automatically as a free action. It is possible to slip out of a Bright Crest with an Escape Artist check as a full-round action (DC 20 + Snare Rank). Additional Crests “layered” onto a Bound target increase the Toughness by +1 each, up to (2 * Rank).

*Alternate Power: "Light Weaving" [light][magic]
[3 PP/rank (2 PP/rank + 1 PP/rank Moveable) - 1 PP (Permanent, 1 rank only) + 10 PP]: 39 PP
Effect: General
Action: Standard
Range: Ranged
Duration: Sustained
Saving Throw: Reflex
Extras: Moveable (+1 PP/rank)
Flaws: Permanent (-1 PP/rank, 1 Rank Only)
Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial (2 PP), Precise (1 PP), Progression (Area) (2 PP), Selective (1 PP), 
Split Attack (1 PP), Stationary (1 PP), Subtle 2 (2 PP), Tether (1 PP)

Iris can create objects out of woven light.

**Alternate Power: "Illusion" [light][magic]
ILLUSION (Visual) 10
[2 PP/rank + 4 PP]: 24 PP
Effect: Sensory
Range: Perception
Action: Standard
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Will
Power Feats: Progression (Area) 4 (4 PP)

Iris can create illusions up to 100’ in radius. Maintaining a static illusion is a free action; maintaining an active one requires concentration.

"Aurasight" [spirit][magic]
[1 PP/rank (1 PP/rank + 1 PP/rank - 1 PP/rank) + 2 PP]: 12 PP
Effect: <b>SUPER SENSES 10</b> (as below)
Action: Standard
Range: Personal
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Fortitude (Harmless)
Extras: Total Fade (+1 PP/rank)
Flaws: Personal (-1 PP/rank)
Feats: Slow Fade 2 (2 PP)
[1 PP/rank]: 10 PP
Effect: Sensory
Action: None (Passive)
Range: Personal
Duration: Continuous
Saving Throw: None
Options: Accurate 2, Acute 1, Tracking 2, Detect [Magic] (Mental) 2, ??? 3

Aurasight bolsters Iris’s senses, allowing her to perceive and track by arcane traces. Despite the name, the magic sensing properties of Aurasight are Mental, though Iris perceives them visually. While Aurasight is active, Iris can detect the presence of things with the [magic] descriptor at range; further, she can pinpoint the exact locations of detected objects and understand fine details about them. She is also capable of using traces picked up via Aurasight to track, even while moving at full speed. Three ranks of Super Senses remain unallocated.

Aurasight lasts for ((Rank – 1) * 5) minutes before dissipating, currently 45 minutes (use the Super Senses rank, not the Boost rank).

**Alternate Power: "Circle of the Sun" [light][magic]
[2 PP/rank + 1 PP]: 21 PP
Effect: General
Action: Standard
Range: Ranged
Duration: Sustained
Saving Throw: None
Power Feats: Precise (1 PP)

Iris’s most basic power, the simple manifestation of light. Circle of the Sun can raise the light level to full daylight within a 1 mile radius, eliminating concealment from natural darkness and potentially countering darkness-based powers. Circle of the Sun can also potentially be used for more precise effects.



House Sepperin was a well-known family of aristocrats with roots stretching back for centuries, one of the most powerful and influential family of magi in Europe… the operative word being ‘was’. For the last two centuries, the Sepperin family has been in decline, their magic potential withering from one generation to the next, their ancestral magic lost. The current head of the family, Graf Michael von Sepperin, marked a resurgence of the arcane power the family once enjoyed. For the last sixty years, his canny leadership has been able to somewhat arrest the family’s fall, allowing them to keep a tenuous foothold in the corridors of power of the magical world… but though the Graf possesses arcane power, he still does not wield the Sepperins’ ancestral magic, and worse, many of his descendants failed to possess any significant degree of arcane power at all.

The glory of House Sepperin has faded since days of old, and despite their shrewd political maneuvering they were widely regarded as a fading power by those who bothered to regard them at all… and then Iris was born.

Iris possesses a significant amount of arcane talent, and, more importantly, is the first child in many generations to inherit the true ancestral magic of the Sepperin family. She comes to Disseptum Fractio in the hopes of refining her talents, to live up to the potential she holds. Perhaps, also, to grow a bit more world-wise; while her upbringing has left her with a great deal of knowledge about a number of things, she is in some respects almost comically unfamiliar with common culture.

In terms of appearance, Iris is a slender girl with long, carefully styled golden hair, pale skin, aristocratic features, and a lovely smile, when she chooses to show it. Her eyes are a shade of blue that borders almost on violet; not coincidentally, violet and gold are her favored colors. She favors elaborate dresses in variations of these colors, though can, occasionally, be induced to wear more casual attire.

Iris Sepperin

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