Marisa Kotomine

A Seer of the Future and Shadows


Marisa Kotomine

Str:08 ( -1)
Dex:12 ( +1)
Con:10 ( +0)
Int:14 ( +2)
Wis:16 ( +3)
Cha:12 ( +1)

Toughness: +0 Con ( +9 Force Field)
Fort: +0 Con +1 PP
Reflex: +1 Dex +3 PP
Will: +3 Wis +1 PP
Defense: 0 ( +9 Shield)

Acrobatics 04
Bluff 14
Craft (Artistic) 12
Craft (Structural) 12
Diplomacy 14
Disguise 10
Gather Information 02
Intimidate 04
Knowledge (Arcane) 14
Knowledge (Behav) 08
Knowledge (Art) 10
Notice 08
Perform (Acting) 08
Perform (Orat) 08
Perform (Sing) 04
Sense Motive 14
Stealth 14
Language (English, Japanese, Latin (Italian Native))

Benefit: Status: Magocrastic heiress
Eidetic Memory
Evasion 2
Improvised Tools (Shadows)
Instant Up
Uncanny Dodge

Super Senses: 4 ranks (Precongition) (Uncontrolled) (2PP) “The Gift of Kotomine”
1 Rank (Low Light Vision), 1 Rank (Darkvision), 1 Rank (Time Sense), 2 ranks (Acute Darkness Awareness) (5pp) “Shadow Senses”

Flight: Rank 4 Power Loss (“Requires a Broom”) (7 PP) “Witch’s Flight”

Darkness Control Rank 9, 2pp/rank “Night’s Blanket”
(18 pp)
Alternate Power: Concealment Rank 6, Visual and Hearing senses, Limited to Dark or Shadowed areas (1pp/rank) “Cloak of the Shade”
Alternate Power: Continious Duration Subtle Precise Create Object Rank 5 (3 pp/rank) “Shadows As Clay”
Alternate Power: Homing Precise Indirect x2 Unreliable Autofire Blast rank 7(2 PP/rank +4 PP) “Shadow strike”
Alternate Power: Acurate Medium (Shadows) Teleport Rank 8 Power Feats: Change Velocity, Easy “Shadow-Step”

Impervious Force Field Rank 9 (2pp/rank) “Shadow Shield: Full Surround”
Alternate Power Shield: rank 9 (1pp/rank) “Shadow Shield: Disk”

Device “Mini-Hakkero” Rank 6 (4 pp/rank)
Full Round Action Penetrating Line Blast rank 9 (3 pp/rank) Affects Insubstancial x2 (2 pp) Incurable (1PP) (30 pp) “Master Spark”


Marisa Kotomine is a raven-haired lady of approximately 19 years of age. Midnight blue eyes are set in a thin face with a short upturned nose. She seems to prefer clothing in purples and dark blues, almost blacks. She tends to somewhat fancier then average set of dresses most the time, but occasionally can be talked into more masculine wear. Nobody has yet to see her near anything made of denim.

The youngest of three siblings, Marisia is the inheritor to her family’s magical legacy by the fact she manifested the ability to occasionally glimpse the future. She however had to learn, the hard way, all the other magical skills she has. Her visions of the future however, leave her unable to see the current world around her, nor see it or feel it, until the vision ends, usually at a rate of somewhere around a 5:1 ratio of time compression.

Marisa Kotomine

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