Alyssa Bale


Character Sheet

PL 10
159 PP (2 unused) 1 PP toward White Space
Hero Points: 4

Attributes) 28 points

Strength 10
Dexterity 10
Constitution 18
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 20
Charisma 10

Saves) 20
Defense: 9 (3+6 dodge focus)
Toughness: 9 (4 con +5 defensive roll)
Attack: 0 / +9 Ranged
Fort: 5 (1
4 con)
Ref: 7
Will: 8 (3+5 wisdom)

Initiative: +4

Skills) 35
Gather Information(cha): 10
Investigate(Int): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(Arcane lore)(Int): 20 (15+5)
Knowledge(Behavioral Science)(Int): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(Civics)(Int): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(History)(Int): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(Life Science): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(Physical Science): 15 (10+5)
Knowledge(Tactics)(Int): 15 (10+5)
Notice(wis): 20 (15+5)
Search(int): 20 (15+5)
Sense Motive(wis): 20 (15+5)

Feats) 25
Attack Focus(9)(Ranged)

Dodge Focus (6): Gain dodge bonus to defense per rank.

Defensive Roll (5): Gain toughness or save against area attack per rank. You lose this bonus when you lose dodge.

Improved Initiative: +4 initiative

Perfect Timing: Spend a hero point to arrive on scene.

Power Attack: Trade attack roll for damage (5 max).


Uncanny Dodge(Sound): If the target is detected you don’t lose your dodge bonuses.

Powers) 48 points

10 Attack
Damage 1, Range 1 (20)
—10 Obscure
Visual 2 (AP 1)
—10 Dazzle
Olfactory 2 (AP 1)
—10 Mental Transform
Memories 2 (AP 1)
—10 Nullify Magic
Nullify 2, Alternative Save(Fortitude) 0 (AP 1)

6 Quickness
Mental only 0.5 (3)

Acute, Analytical Olfactory (4)
Analytical Visual (2)
Analytical Tactile (2)
Analytical Auditory (2)
Acute, Analytical Detect Magic (4)
Danger Sense (1)
Darkvision (2)
Detect Weakness (4)

Physical description

Alyssa stands at 5’5" with a fit, slightly curvy shape that starts with broad shoulders before sloping from chest to waist and back again for round hips. Her slight athletic stature gives a minor thickness to her arms, to balance out her figure, but it’s her legs and flattened stomach that seem to have the most effort put forth to give tone to her thighs and flatters her form. Her skin is dark caramel, smooth and hairless with no tattoos and only small remnants of childhood scars to be found here and there on her form. She has a young face with a round chin and bump of a nose framing full lips and dark, contemplative eyes above them. Through hairspray and a straightener, she keeps long, black locks of hair down together, resting over her shoulders, chest, and back.


(More will be on the way!)

Alyssa Bale

The daughter of a welder, Alyssa resided in West Point until one day a letter came to Nichole Marble to invite the girl to Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy.

Marble Lore

With no records outside of attendance at a public school, this character has very little of her background open to public scrutiny. Even more, her birthplace and hometown of West Point, Mississippi would seem too remote for any story to be told.

However, in a town that has grown into just a few thousand residents, there’s enough sprawling forests and pastures around that magic can thrive in plain sight. The Marble family itself, counting nearly two dozen people from the grandparents that connected them to many children, aunts, uncles, and cousins, lived out private lives where they could be a part of the rural US and simultaneously keep to their traditions, teaching their descendants magic and interacting with the world hidden from most.

Of course, there are still plenty of curious eyes and ears sometimes drawn close by. The Marble family most often keeps its neighbors in the dark to the reasoning behind phenomenon and at times has worked out bribes, deals, and even blackmail to avoid a change in their own lifestyle. To this day, the closest to an outing as they’ve had to those outside the magic world has been a man insistent on UFO sightings at nearby lakes.

Most members of the Marble family tend to stay within the area, often working as the sole magical authority in their sparsely populated region, but within the last two generations they have become increasingly active in the global world and have even sent their children off to magic oriented schools to learn about things in the world that family couldn’t teach them.


10 Attack
Damage 1, Range 1 (20)

A magic missile. To the astute, this is nothing more than pure magical energy in a directed, controlled form. It doesn’t take on the shape of fire, ice, or any element and is accompanied by faintest thrum marking its escape from its source.

—10 Obscure
Visual 2 (AP 1)

Fog. Though rarely used, this is a defensive spell that creates a large amount of liquid water suspended in the air. Often seen in places where cold meets warmth, this is created through the means of her spell.

—10 Dazzle
Olfactory 2 (AP 1)

Stinking Cloud. A spell that has been attempted a time or two and has yet to leave its mark, this swirl of colors will leave an imprint on your eyes (and hopefully without causing seizures), but its true intent is to properly impact on one’s senses a smell so distracting that it would leave even the dullest nose helplessly stunning the brain.

—10 Mental Transform
Memories 2 (AP 1)

Change Memory. I have no idea what this spell does, or if she even has it. Actually, I wonder why it’s in this list at all?

—10 Nullify Magic
Nullify 2, Alternative Save(Fortitude) 0 (AP 1)

Nullify Magic. In light of recent events, where one’s safety isn’t assured except through one’s own will and power, that the best defense is a good offense. That is also a defense. Making any mage’s heart skip a beat, this functions to strip enchantments and counterspell any particular nastiness with just a little patience.


Though rarely overt, she sometimes spends hours thinking up a spell to handle little things that are outside her normal repertoire. This can be anything from the equivalent of super-peptobismal to a long duration awareness spell that lets her know events about a particular room in which she dispersed the ritual.

…What? Other magic? No, there doesn’t seem to be any other magic there. Hopefully, this clarifies everything!

Alyssa Bale

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