The Arkham Pawn, The Other


Name: Possibly not applicable. Responds to “Other”, “Creature”, or “Thing”.
Age: 28
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 210lbs
Concept: Terror from Beyond
Point Total: 173 / Unused 0

Strength	10(+0)
Dexterity	20(+5)
Constitution	26(+8)
Intelligence	10(+0)
Wisdom		20(+5)
Charisma	06(-2)

Toughness:	+8(8con)
Fortitude:	+10(2b+8con)
Reflex:		+10(5b+5dex)
Will:		+12(7b+5wis)
Defense:	22(6b+6dodge)
Attack:		+10(Melee), +0(Ranged)

Acrobatics	(15r+5dex)
Notice		(10r+5wis)
Stealth		(15r+5dex)

~(Combat Feats)~
Accurate Attack
All-Out Attack
Attack Focus(Melee) 10
Dodge Focus 6
Power Attack
Improved Initiative 5
Improved Critical(Rip and Tear) 3
Uncanny Dodge(Hearing)

~(Noncombat Feats)~
Lucky 2

The “Other” boasts that it is the peak of evolution. In the very least, it is able to adapt its body extensively if given a situation it needs to overcome, or the flesh of something with an exotic power.

Rip and Tear(Damage, Vampiric) 10(2ppr+3)
Innate, Extended Reach, Alternate Power

~Whiptail Stinger(Drain[strength]) 8(1ppr+5)
Innate, Extended Reach 4
~~Damage(Linked, Whiptail Stinger) 5(1ppr+4)
Extended Reach 4

Shapeshift 5(8ppr+2)
Metamorph(Elizabeth), Innate

Super Sense 2(1ppr)

Immunity 10(1ppr)
Mental Effects(10p)


The “Other” bound to Elizabeth has stayed tight-lipped about mosts of its past, and has proved resistant to attempts of mind-reading or control, its thought processes far too alien. Many things have been revealed, but not exactly confirmed. The “Other” does have a habit of lying.

It is from a version of Earth that survived some great disaster, one where the Sun died. Its recounted mostly stories of scant survivors, ruins, and horrible beasts, most worse than itself. It seems to love horror or suspense movies, one of the few things it shares with Elizabeth, able to feel genuine fear when Elizabeth is “in control”. For all its bluster and violence, it doesn’t ‘lack’ positive emotions like it claims, and Elizabeth is starting to suspect it would much rather be in her Earth than its own, even if it gets limited control.

Still, when it does attain control, it tends toward predatory instincts, seeking to slake an immense hunger, or hurt out of spite. Elizabeth has been slowly learning how to keep it in check, for she’s clearly the smarter of the two, and has been successful in bargaining with it.

Lastly, it may or may not have a name. The concept seemed to confuse it in the beginning, but has now taken to answering the question with its favorite ‘new’ tactic: Sarcasm.

The Arkham Pawn, The Other

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