Mana of Mayhem

Chapter 0: The Introduction
Every Tale has a start...

Begin Date: September 11, 2013
The students begin to arrive, some surprising to others, some not so much. The School Head Nurse is not the most personable sort. The RA likes playing a variant of Warhammer 40K that involves mini-mechs that actually fire. The pizza place downstairs has nymphs(?) on the delivery staff.

Speaking of the Pizza Place, the window didn’t shatter when it was knocked out of it’s wall by whatever attacked the building….now sets of yellow eyes glare in, as an unseasonable snow storm rages.

The Snow-golem wolves apparently were part of a larger attack. The master of the wolves was seemingly driven off without giving a name. Dr. Plott showed up, along with other members of staff. He approriated pizza for the class, and invited them to his quarters on the first floor for a chat…
Current Date: 10:00 pm, Friday, September 13, 2013


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