Character Creation Notes

Setting notes

We will be using Mutants and Masterminds 2 Edition. If it isn’t in the core book, highly recommend you ask first.

While other power sources will be available at GM’s discretion, you will need to have at least one major magic based power, and be of appropriate apparent age to be in something that looks to be a cross between a High School and a College. Power level is set at 9 for starting.
The majority of the world is normal modern world. It deals with normal modern issues. They don’t know about the magical side of things that the Academy, and places like it, have been dealing with for ages. Some stories leak out, but are considered just that, stories. The truly weird shit, the human mind refuses to comprehend and explains away anyway it can. When they can’t, they tend to go mad or vanish. Magic isn’t spoken of as a real force.
But you know better. You have some talent. Something that can’t be explained away. Maybe you know a traditional magical spell or two. Maybe you can cause some minor (or major!) effect by will alone. Maybe you inherited a magical artifact from some distant relative. Maybe you are inherently magical by your nature and have had to hide it. But however it comes about, you know magic is real.
This world, people do die in it. Attacks are lethal by default, instead of nonlethal. it is a 1 power point power feat to make an attack non-lethal. Exception to this rule: Unarmed brawling without a power or relevant gear/feat.
Society wise, it is in the modern world. Superpowered individuals, as far as the general public knows, do not exist. The government actually does know about this, and in fact, one or two of the ‘sister’ organizations to the Academy are run by various governments. The use of masks and codenames is common, since nobody trusts anybody, however.

Mechanics Details

  • Power Level 9
  • The mood is going to start fairly light, but expect things to get dark. also, expect moral shades of gray. lots of them.
  • While supers aren’t known, and people WILL try to explain away your oddities various ways (You are just a midget in facepaint! That was just a neat bit of special effects!), if they fail to explain away said oddities… they are likely to be considered nuts by their fellow mortals at best. They might actually be nuts from the strain of trying at worse.

Character Creation Notes

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