All Hallows

October 31, 2013

Ugh. I may have overindulged a bit tonight; there was an All Hallows’ festival in Ravensglass that seemed to involve the entire town. Normally I likely would not have attended—or at the very least would not have indulged to such an extent—but we found ourselves entertaining guests… guests who, quite literally, were among the last people I had expected to see here.

Fiora and I both received a text message on our phones, advising us that ‘friends of ours’ had arrived and that they were ‘freaking out’. Fiora, naturally, reacted more quickly than I did—I am growing a bit more comfortable with the shadowphone Marisa made me, though I am… still not as adept with using it as Fiora, not by half. Still, we arrived in Ravensglass in good time, and there they were; Nami, Noriko, and the Shinas had come to pay us a visit.

They were ‘freaked out’ because, as I mentioned, Ravensglass has a very… festive… approach to All Hallows’. Apparently the entire town turns into a bal masque for a day and a night.

But that’s not quite right, either. At every masquerade ball I’ve been to, everyone is constantly aware of—or trying to learn—who it is hiding behind the mask, whereas here, no one much seemed to care. Alyssa’s costume was particularly well done; as ever, she demonstrates an eye for detail. Miyako’s illusion was also quite impressive, while Quinn and the Guardians both took the same approach, applying slight modifications to their battle costumes. Marisa offered some well-placed suggestions as to my costume, and provided a suitable gown—both of us can create objects, but she is by far the better seamstress between us—while I used my own talents with illusions to provide the finishing touches to my hairstyle.

Marisa’s own costume I was not as fond of, and as to Marisa herself… well. Let us say that her behavior would have drawn eyes and set off a small firestorm of gossip at any bal masque I can recall attending. Still, ‘when in Rome’ I suppose… and after the events in Australia, she likely needed to unwind a bit.

In any case. A good time was had by all, though I think all of us indulged a bit to excess; I think I managed to avoid making too much of a fool of myself, at least.

I should retire soon; in the morning, I have a task awaiting me. I have business with our guests, in any case—gifts that I had thought I would never have a chance to deliver, for one. There is also a more personal matter… Nami said that something went wrong after they slew Bellemon, that her Father had attempted something which could not be allowed. I find myself morbidly curious as to what, exactly, that might be; whatever it is, it seems to have effectively completely erased the distance between Nami and the others, which is… ominous, I think. I will not pry, but I wish to ask, at least, as much as I feel that I will not like the answer.

That will wait until morning, though; sleep first. The last time I spoke with Nami I needed the Cone of Silence; I have no intention of engaging her in another conversation when my head feels as thick as it does now.


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