Miyako's VLog

Miyako uploaded a lot of vlogs and other digital junk before her transformation. At her Uncle’s request her old account and all of its videos have been deleted, but she’s grown restless. A new life and a new school means a new account and a new set of video logs uploaded. After all, there’s hardly anything she can say or do on camera that would make a mundane person suspicious.

These are obviously available to anyone who’s even mildly curious. She doesn’t advertise the fact that she’s uploaded her video journal to a public place, but it’s not a secret either. Even searching her name would probably come up with these videos.

Video the First, New School

Minilog one, Mail Bag

Video the Second, Updates and Cheer Team

Video the Third, Disaster


Anything posted under this title is a private scene, knowledge of such available to anyone who would reasonably know it. They’re intended to illustrate what Miyako wouldn’t share with the world.

Ada Due, Ghede

Hermione Granger and the Escape to Kauai

Miyako's VLog

Mana of Mayhem Mousetrap