In the room of Nichole Marble, there’s as little presence as one could have in a lived-in room. There’s a desk, chair, bed, and a trunk for storing folded clothes while others hang in the closet. There are no personal effects and the room is immaculately clean. The room doesn’t even have personal protection to keep others out. Atop the desk, a notebook rests. Only its first page is used.

Iris: Mark shadows.
Miyako: study means of illusion, formulate a counter in case of ancestors

Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy: History of Ravenglass founding, notable residents. Funding? Donated, named, or borrowed items/buildings of note.

(Side study: look up policies of Italian immigration in the mid 19th century, structure of mage society in the US before the Civil War)

Unseelie: Sorting of students, assortment of students, ksort list of ice creams
Other dorms?

All Faculty: Any noteworthy figures, public accomplishments (any Ph.D other than Plott?), records of locations or work, current projects, or local gossip.
Mann: Autopsy, burial.
Plott: Any family history.
Terumi: Ties to Lady Meshidasujitsu, any noted origins
Lady Meshidasujitsu: Any possible custody or responsibility toward summoned beings, discuss knowledge of other realities.
Ms. Jackie Paper: Does she have any effort in the school protections? Learn of possible organic disintegration devices.

History of interdimensional travel/findings: How do we travel to other dimensions? What places have we visited? What was notably different?

Stakeout Takeout – Cooking/home economics
Thestlian Magocracy – history
Can Robots Learn to Love – sociology
Reading Apart the Lines – literature
Probability of Problems – math
Why Is This Art? – art
Water Polo – phys ed


Mana of Mayhem Morems