The Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy

Public Face

The Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy, or sometimes just called ‘Dispelling and Breaking BS’ by those who are disparaging of it, has a surprisingly high score for academic marks.

Surprisingly, it does participate in intercollegiate sports, with the team mascot/name of ‘Wizards’. The Ladies teams usually end up being called “Enchantresses” officially, while their detractors tend to call them “Witches”. The school has a solid record as being ‘not bad’, and has a championship title or two in basketball, football, and fencing.

School colors are Silver and Burgundy. Uniforms are not required, but uniform-like outfits are available at the school store.
h3. Common Student Knowledge
The following facts will be common knowledge after the first or second session of play.

Known facts Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy, as a HQ, to students who’ve been there:

  • Toughness 10: The walls are either reinforced concrete or magic
  • Size: Awesome (Yes, this thing could be a small town…)
  • Features:
  • Communications System: The Academy has it’s own in-house news channel, with feeds and details from around the world
  • Computers: The school runs both it’s own internal network AND a mainframe computer.
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Garage: There are some privately owned vehicles in here, as well as the school’s two vans, a bus. There’s rumor that the school also owns a ‘welcome wagon’ as it has been called, but nobody will say more about it.
  • Library: And oooh boy what a library. If it is related to magic, the occult, strange occurrences, or the like, it is likely here. Strangely, this library has an absolute lack of religious materials.
  • Living Space: The ‘dorms’ are actually closer to apartment suites, with common areas, kitchenettes, small living rooms of their own, bedrooms, and a private bathroom. While modifications are quite encouraged, areas tend to be assigned to entire incoming classes at a time.
  • Infirmary: Closer to its own structure on the grounds, the Academy Hospital specialises in treating ‘unusual’ wounds or patients. This is complete with three ORs, one standard sized, one seemingly in miniature, and one seemingly sized for something suspiciously large.
  • Workshops: Surprisingly, plural here is not a mistake. not only are there metalworking, woodworking, and machining shops, but there is also at least one workshop devoted to the ‘arts beyond science’
  • Laboratories: Yes, again, plural. Biology, Chemistry, Physics all have their places here. There is also rumor about another lab meant to study ‘unusual’ things beyond the ken of the above.
  • Power System: The Academy DOES hook into the main power grid… but also has not only traditional wind-power generators, but also an experimental system of some sorts…

Other details:
There is a surprisingly active set of LARPers on campus. And a Warhammer 40k group that occasionally takes over the Student Union hall with hexagon maps made of foam and paint and hard work… for weeks at a time.


The staff listing can be considered in two parts. Everything up to their ‘magical’ teaching stuff is publicly available knowledge. No special tricks to get it. The magical teaching info is limited to students who have proven to have ‘the gift’ of not going mad due to magic. Staff members who become especially plot relevant will likely get pages of their own.

  • Lady Meshidasujitsu, Who usually just gets called “Lady” or “Lady M” Or “Miss M” by the majority of the students, is the resident home ec teacher… she also teaches occasionally (and skillfully) substitutes in the health and biology classes. She also apparently is the leader of one of the study groups focusing on the summoning of allied sentient beings. Strangely, she and the school’s head nurse get along INCREDIBLY well.
  • Mr. Welsh is the usual Biology teacher. Rumor has it he is very good at transformations.
  • Miss Selene teaches Chemistry. Ironically, she also teaches Alchemy.
  • Ms. Jackie Paper teaches Physics. SHe’s one of two people on campus who is into Techno-magic.
  • Mr. Plott, Ph.D., teaches interested people in the arts of robotics, as well as auto shop. He also offer some insights into the workings of techno-magics.
  • Ms. Tsubaki Readman is the head librarian, and instructor of a group of paper-specializing magic-users. Avoiding late book returns is STRONGLY encouraged.
  • Miss Relm teaches art classes. It is rumored she also teaches some illusionist studies after hours. Then again, it is rumored she just teaches more sketching classes. It’s hard to tell which, from the outside.
  • Miss Yuki Terumi is the school’s head nurse. Or maybe it’s head doctor. Either way, she’s in charge of the Academy hospital, and is known for having rather sharp wit and a sharp tounge. Also has a love for snakes. Is allergic, however, to cats.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Please, ask away.

The Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy

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