Whitespace is a newly-created plane, originally developed by Fiora and Marisa as a bolthole against anything that might need it. It originally earned its name from its uninitialized state: an empty, white void full of infinite potential, waiting for someone to fill it in. Fiora has since opened the plane to further development by her dorm-mates, making it their home away from home.

Ground Rules

Whitespace is a team project. While no one should feel forced into actively spending PP or EP on the project, home base is only as good as we make it. Someday, having a fully functioning hospital might just save your life. If only one or two people are the only ones setting up a fully functioning base, it’s not quite fair to them if you don’t pitch in a little too.

You have a nigh-infinite amount of space to work with, on whatever project you want. The tools will be made available to your character to shape infinite potential however they so desire. If you want the most extreme waterslide ever created, now’s your chance. If you want an auditorium with mathematically perfect acoustics, knock yourself out. Even the environment is yours to shape; if you want your section of the base to be a wooded hillside perpetually under six inches of snow, awesome.

Like all group projects, don’t wreck it for other people. Do not shut off gravity everywhere if people are expecting gravity in their zones. Do not trap people inside their bedrooms with thousands of clever lasers. Do not replace everyone’s TVs with books because they’re cooler. If someone painstakingly makes clear they want their bedroom to be isolated, don’t add in a trap door on the ceiling of their room to your game room.

In short, to borrow the words of one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln:

“Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON, DUDES!”


Whitespace is created through the Headquarters rules on page 145 of the M&M 2E Core Book. Pay special attention to the Headquarters Trait Cost table on that page, as that outlines the cost in equipment points for every feature you wish to add. Also note that any Power can be purchased for Whitespace to use for 1 Equipment Point per rank; for example, we can create a Teleport Bay (Super-Movement 2, Dimensional Travel, Affects Others) for 2 EP.

As with other things in the M&M system, purely cosmetic changes are at no cost. You can paint the walls for free, but painting the walls with the blood of your enemies is going to require some attack powers.

With your EP you can add anything you want, or improve an already-existing feature of the base (such as Size or ranks of Security System). This sheet is open domain, simply edit in any addition you require; mark any additions with your name. If you can’t think of anything to add, look at the bottom of the sheet for a section where anyone can brainstorm new features.

Descriptions of features are variable, and need not be exclusive of other descriptions. If Fiora buys a rank of Security System and sets up a home alarm system, that means Nichole can still buy a rank and add intruder detection wards, or Miyako can buy a rank and summon watcher spirits to roam the halls.

Current Status

Size: Colossal (3 EP Fiora, 1 EP Quinn, 1 EP Iris)
Toughness: 20 (2 EP Fiora, 1 EP Quinn)

Communications (1 EP Alyssa)
Concealed, DC +20 (1 EP Alyssa, 1 EP Fiora, 1 EP Quinn)
Infirmary (1 EP Alyssa)
Isolated (1 EP Fiora)
Living Space (1 EP Marisa)
Power System (1 EP Fiora)
Security System: DC 25 (2 EP Fiora) + Defense System (1 EP Iris)
Teleport Bay [Super-Movement 2, Dimensional Travel, Affects Others] (2 EP Alyssa)
Library (1 EP: Marisa)
Combat Simulator (1 EP Quinn)
Pool (1 EP Quinn)
Firewall [Nullify 5, Dimensional Travel, Selective] (5 EP Fiora)
Arcane Laboratory + Workshop (2 EP Iris)
Infirmary + Scientific Laboratory (2 EP Horatu)

Example Trap; CONFUSE 1 (1 EP no-one)

Individual Sections

Fiora’s Section

Fiora’s section currently has little in the way of creature comforts; she’s been more interested in making sure that Whitespace works rather than moving in a plush sofa. Her room consists of a proverbial 10×10×10 room with blank white walls and a cat guarding the lone cot in the room. Along one wall is a scattering of per-packaged food (instant meals, military MREs) and a computer.

A suitcase sits at the foot of the cot, with a few sets of clothes spilling out.

Marisa’s Section

Marisa has apparently been on a book-buying spree around Ravensglass before things went to hell. Between that and the Kotomine Family Library that she ‘borrowed’ originally, she has created a rather sizable library on a variety of topics. A variety of tables and chairs dot this area. A hidden trapdoor behind the ’librarian’s desk’ in the center of the library leads down into a combined study and bedroom area.

Iris’s Section

Iris’s section is expansive, and in part inspired by Quinn’s work on her own section. In some ways the stone corridors of this place are modeled after Castle Sepperin, her home—corridors of dark stone, rich carpets, fine tapestries on the walls. There are other elements, though, that give the place a somewhat surreal vibe—an unbelievably large indoor garden filled with orchids, irises, roses, honeysuckle, and creeping ivy, walkways that look out onto cloudscapes below (and, occasionally, out into howling storms, depending on Iris’s mood), gargoyles in moonlit courtyards that seem to follow your movements with eyes that seem to almost glow. There are a great many doors that are currently sealed; it’s unknown where they lead, if anywhere.

A door located in the antechamber to Iris’s section leads to a public access arcane workshop and lab—a large room with walls, floor, and ceiling of black stone polished to a mirror-bright reflective sheen. Strips of magnetic metal set beneath the floor provide enough of a magnetic field to approximate ‘north’; a series of extremely complex arcane circles in various metals (including brass, silver, and iron) line the walls to contain any research experiments that might go awry, set into the floor in alignment with ‘north’, and more expansive circles can be created as needed, if for some reason you want to test the arcane conduction properties of, say, mercury or polonium. Light is supplied by a number of glowing orbs that line the walls at precise intervals. This room allows experimentation with various arcane phenomena in relative safety, as well as the crafting of arcane devices.

Alyssa’s Room

Aside from parts and things being rapidly compiled to help in the development of the Whitespace, she has a trunk of clothes, a bed, desk, chair, and notebook.

Quinn’s Room

It looks like a band’s tour bus exploded in Quinn’s room. She keeps an assortment of instruments, including a custom made cherry red acoustic guitar, a black and white Gibson Flying V electric guitar, a cherry red Epiphone EB-0 replica bass, a Yamaha keyboard, a Roland AX-Synth keytar, a small acoustic violin sitting on a stand atop her dresser, a ukulele, and a stand up acoustic bass. Along with a computer, a microphone, and two stands, it’s not hard to to guess what Quinn does in her sound proofed room much of the time.

Besides all the instruments, all assortments of clothes, books, papers, and other various and sundry items are often strewn across the floor. Outside of her musical equipment, the room has few other things besides the crap covering the floor, her bed, a desk, a sofa, her dresser, and her TV she snatched from her room before back when they first arrived, and a small mini-fridge often stocked with various forms of caffeine and unhealthy food items.

There may or may not also be a black light. Maybe Quinn’s planning a party…

-Horatu’s Area-
Horatu has set up a rather sterile looking infirmary, which she’s painstakingly stocked with the help of various members of the dorm on trips (legal and otherwise) to pharamcies and other places. Magical and mundane remedies are in locked cabinets, and a full set of sick-beds are available. A chemistry and physics lab space has been set up behind an airlock of double doors, made of structural steel that actually does seal airtight. The lab is separately ventilated. A plain wooden door leads to a room painted in dark purples and blues, with a simple cot of a bed. Hotaru keeps an uncluttered existance, it seems. A dresser holds a few changes of clothing, and holds the only sentimental object one might find in the room: A locket with a picture of four teenagers smiling infront of a statue.
Future Development Ideas

Something to make Whitespace actually secure from the filth. Probably along the lines of Nullify [Dimensional Travel] with the Area extra and the Selective feat so it ignores us.

Infirmary: might be a good idea to have something other than the school’s nurse’s office to rely on.

Holding Cells: Not a good idea to take filth-prisoners or even reveal the base to outsiders, but it may be a good idea to have something on hand if one of us gets mind-controlled or the like; handcuffs and 10’ of rope don’t pose us much of a problem. We do also have a bunch of mind-controlled people out there we may need to deprogram…


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