Disseptum Fractio Magicam Academy, an exclusive school set on the outskirts of the city of Ravensglass, California. The school’s grounds are surrounded by a high wall of white brick, and is large enough to be considered a small town in and of itself. Rumors abound about odd occurrences both within and around the walls. Odd sounds, weird sightings and lights, hauntings, people going missing.

Nobody knows exactly who owns the Academy, other than that a group of immigrants from Italy founded it in the 1850s. The students of the Academy make trips into town, but rarely speak about their classes or teachers while there, past the normal chatter of school students.

The school’s charter, says it is a place of learning about “The powers past the understanding of modern science and religion, so that they may be best harnessed for the good of all.” Most people think they are some kind of strange cult that set up a boarding school… that admittedly gets slightly above average results on educational testing.

Which leads to today, the letter in the mail, addressed to you. The glimmering crest of the school in the return address space. Inside, an invitation to attend, for you, and you alone.

Welcome to the Academy.

Mana of Mayhem

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