Miyako Summerfield, Red Oni

An Oni-blooded magical arts student


Name: Miyako Summerfield
Age: 19
Height: 7’6"
Weight: 350lbs
Concept: Oni-Blooded
Point Total: 185 / Unused: 5

Strength:        30(10)
Dexterity:       08(-1)
Constitution:    22(6)
Intelligence:    10(0)
Wisdom:	         14(2)
Charisma:        20(5)

Toughness:       +13 (7prot + 6con)
Fortitude:       +9  (3b+6con)
Reflex:          -1  (-1dex)
Will:            +10  (8b+2wis)
Defense:         17  (10 + 5def + 2dodge)
Attack:          +10  (Melee), +0(Ranged)

Bluff 			 +15 (10r + 5cha)
Intimidate 		 +19 (14r + 5cha)
Knowledge(Arcane Lore)	 +08 (08r + 0int)
Notice			 +12 (10r + 2wis)
Sense Motive		 +14 (12r + 2wis)

Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish (2r)

~(Combat Feats)~
Improved Initiative 2
Dodge Focus 2
Attack Focus(Melee) 10
Power Attack

~(Noncombat Feats)~
Lucky 2
Skill Mastery(Disguise, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive)

Equipment (2 ranks)
Smart Phone (2EP, laptop + cellphone)
2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata (8EP)
	Strength 25, Speed 5(250mph), Defense 9, Toughness 8, Size Large


Oni Blooded – Miyako has a great wealth of innate, ‘racial’ abilities due to her heritage. She is particularly tough, but has also inherited her grandfather’s knack for deception, able to shift her form to match any humanoid between her size and roughly that of a child. It came to her easily, and by the time her Uncle found her to give his “Magical crash course”, she was adept enough to fool her family and most of her friends. She has very recently developed the ability to use her shapeshifting powers to alter how her body works, not just her appearance. She can tap the strength of the Red Oni, or the speed and dexterity of the Blue Oni…just not both at the same time.

Protection 7 (2ppr + 1)
     Impervious(+1), Innate

Immunity 20 (1ppr)
     Fear Effects, Life Support, Fire Effects

Super Senses 4 (1ppr)
     Infravision, Accurate scent, acute scent

Morph(Humanoids) 5 (2ppr)
     Metamorph(Blue Oni)

Shrinking 4 (1ppr)

Leaping 2 (1ppr)

Oni Magic – Real magic, on the other hand, she had to learn. She is naturally drawn to spirit bargaining and trickery, but is still learning. Being an illusionist himself, her Uncle insisted on teaching her the basics of his craft before she was sent off to school.

Illusion(Sight, hearing) 5 (3ppr + 2)
     Alternate Power 2, Progression 2 (25ft)

Channeling mana to tap into the ‘invincible’ strength of her ancestors is rapidly becoming old hat to her. It takes all of the magical prowess she’s able to summon, however, and she has yet to find a way to continue concentrating on illusions or ‘paying’ her Yokai while doing so.

Super Strength 8 (2ppr + 1)
     STR while channeling: 70 (Light Load 64t / Medium 125t / Heavy 200t / Maximum 400t / Push&Drag 1000t)

Her newest trick is little more than pushing around spirits of the underworld. Still, simple browbeating is quite effective on minor spirits.

Summon(Horde) 5 (3ppr + 2)
     Fanatical(+1), Horde(+1), Action[Full Round](-1), Progression 2(5 imps)

Yokai – Her “Servants” are minor spirits of mischief pulled from the multitude of Japanese spirits. Their existence is ‘paid for’ by her will and mana, so if she has to use it for anything else, they disappear back into the underworld. They’re fiercely loyal to her, for either this reason, or for the fact that, so long as they are bound, they’ll eventually come back from anything.

STR 06(-2)   INT 14(+2)
DEX 14(+2)   WIS 08(-1)
CON 10(+0)   CHA 08(-1)

Fort +3(3b) / Ref +2(2d) / Will +3(4b-1w)
Toughness:       +8(9 protection - size)
Defense:         18(10+8dodge)
Attack:          +10(Ranged), +1(Melee)


Disable Device             +12 (10r + 2int)
Search                     +10 (8r + 2int)
Stealth			   +14 (8r + 2dex + 4sz)
Knowledge(Arcane Lore)     +3 (1r + 2int)

Languages: English, Japanese(1r)

~(Combat Feats)~
Attack Focus(Ranged) 9
Dodge Focus 8

~(Noncombat Feats)~
Improvised Tools
Hide in Plain Sight
Teamwork 3

Protection 9 (1ppr +1)

Shrinking 4 (1ppr)
     Continuous(+1), Permanent(-1)

Teleport 3 (1ppr) (300ft)
     Short Range(-1)

Blast 6 (3ppr)
     Ranged(+1), Autofire(+1)

Miyako was originally born as a half Japanese, half Russian youth in the southern corners of California. She went to a small school and enjoyed debate team, yearbook council, and golfing. She was sweet and quick to talk to people, and moved straight on to college in Nevada when she graduated.

There was, however, a slight hitch. Her grandfather on her mother’s side was an Oni, a devilish being of spirit made flesh. Her family sealed away his essence in a vase but couldn’t completely purify his taint in the family’s bloodline. Each child born after his cursed blood was introduced to the family was sealed with ritual magic, a blessing that locked away the tainted blood and allowed the child a real life. They were never told.

By fortune or misfortune, tiny Miyako encountered that vase while taking a tour with her art history class. Close contact was all it took to ‘crack’ the enchantment on her blood and let her true nature slowly seep through. She spent a week locked in her dorm room, calling off classes. She felt sick, feverish and ravenously hungry and slowly ‘grew’ due to her changing nature. The ‘freshman fifteen’ she was warned about turned out to be more like a hundred and fifty. luckily for her, the University of Nevada has a magician working on its alumni in secret, who noticed the magical disturbance around her room…and her ungodly take-out bills.

Miyako, in her current state, is incredibly tall, strongly built and quite curvy. Her skin is a bright red color, and a pair of short, swept back horns poke through long black hair. Owing to her powers of shapechanging, her clothing is widely varied but usually falls along the lines of punk and goth fashion. She tends toward jeans, tight shirts and slightly more masculine fashion than most. If asked, she’d insist it was because ‘skirts look ridiculous on my giant ass’ or some joke to that effect.

Miyako is friendly despite her appearance and has taken to being something of an anti-bully, usually picking out kids she sees picking on others and horrifying them into never doing it again, or even turning themselves in. With her stature and knowledge of illusions, it’s usually not hard. It’s no secret that she does this because she has a ‘mild’ problem with authority, thinking the best are overworked and the worst are just lazy or incompetent.

Miyako Summerfield, Red Oni

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