The Arkham Pawn, Elizabeth Adler


Name: Elizabeth Bathory Adler
Age: 17
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130lbs
Concept: Unfortunate Thief
Point Total: 173 / Unused 2

Strength:	10(+0)
Dexterity:	20(+5)
Constitution:	20(+5)
Intelligence:	20(+5)
Wisdom:		10(+0)
Charisma:	10(-1)

Toughness:	+08(5con+3ft)
Fortitude:	+05(5con)
Reflex:		+10(5dex+5b)
Will:		+15(15b)
Defense:	 22(6def+6dodge)
Attack:		+0(Melee), +12(Ranged)

Bluff(M)		+09(10r+0cha)
Disable Device		+20(15r+5int)
Escape Artist		+15(10r+5dex)
Gather Information	+09(10r+0cha)
Investigate		+15(10r+5int)
Knowledge(Streetwise)	+20(15r+5int)
Knowledge(Technology)	+15(10r+5int)
Medicine		+08(08r+0wis)
Notice(M)		+10(10r+0wis)
Perform(Guitar)		+12(12r+0cha)
Search			+20(15r+5int)
Sense Motive		+15(15r+0wis)
Sleight of Hand(M)	+20(15r+5dex)
Stealth(M)		+20(15r+5dex)

Languages: English, Latin, German (2r)

~(Combat Feats)~
Attack Focus(Ranged) 12
Combat Reaction(Damage, shift to The Other)
Dodge Focus 6
Defensive Roll 3
Elusive Target
Evasion 2
Improved Initiative 5
Second Chance(Mind Control)
Uncanny Dodge(Hearing)

~(Noncombat Feats)~
Beginner's Luck
Hide in Plain Sight
Improvised Tools
Luck 2
Skill Mastery(Notice, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Bluff)
Ultimate Effort(Stealth)


The accident that bound Elizabeth to a horrible being from another dimension also woke her to the world of magic, and granted her some minor control over darkness. She rarely paid attention in class, and would prefer not to use it at all more often than not. Her ability to teleport was the reason her powers were locked when not under supervision, using a ritual tattoo on the back of her neck that was only recently struck and disabled.

Darkness Control 8(Visual Concealment)(2ppr+2)
	Precise, Metamorph(The Other), Alternate Power 3

~Create Object 7(7 5ft cubes)(2ppr+4)
	Affects Insubstantial 2, Stationary, Precise

~Damage, Ranged 8(2ppr+2)
	Precise, Homing

~Teleport, Accurate, Medium(Shadows)(2ppr+2)
	Change Velocity, Easy

Super Sense 4(1ppr)
	Darkvision(2), Radius visual sense type(2)

Elizabeth Adler was born to a pair of goth kids who ended up mostly neglectful of the child, the “novelty” of raising a child “their way” wearing off before she was even a toddler. Because of this, Elizabeth began turning to larceny at a very early age, stealing from her school, her parents and her teachers to buy food, toys and fund ‘after school’ activities with her few friends…when she bothered to go to school, anyway. Predictably, her parents did the minimum amount of work required to keep her safe, and would always eventually pay her bail if she was caught.

She moved out at fifteen, mostly because she was already supporting herself between theft and a job as a waitress. She was eternally destitute but fairly happy for two years afterward, until a man wearing a gas mask and thick overcoat offered her a job in a thickly accented, gibbering voice. It was to steal a mirrored shard of obsidian from a warehouse and bring it to him. The man unnerved her, but he was offering a huge amount of money for something that would prove to be very simple.

She accepted. Security was two lone guards and a few scattered cameras. It seemed as though whatever this thing was worth or did, it was entirely forgotten in storage. She slipped in easily and, thanks to the strange man’s instructions, easily found the box the artifact was stored in. It proved to be slightly bigger than both of her fists put together, so she slipped it into her backpack and started to run. Nobody’s perfect, however, and she alerted one of the guards. He panicked and swung a heavy nightstick at her back, shattering the chunk of obsidian and digging the shards into her back.

Elizabeth woke up three days later, finding herself in an alley, soaked in blood and with another voice in her head. The “other” had apparently been bound to her body, a nasty demonic being with a bad attitude and, as Elizabeth soon found out, a fondness for eating flesh. It derided her, mocking her openly until they realized (mostly through bickering) that Elizabeth holds the lion’s share of the control, the Other only being able to wrest control when Elizabeth was particularly weak or vulnerable.

It wasn’t hard for the Academy to find her and bring her in. Elizabeth found out that the Other had killed six people while in control of their body, and the Academy was willing to ‘hush’ the event in exchange for being able to study Elizabeth and the artifact(and creature) now bound to her. Lady M was called on to investigate, and she quickly found some very interesting facts. The man Elizabeth accepted the job from was nowhere to be found, but the alleyway they met in practically stank of heavy-handed dimensional travel. She also found a possible identity for the artifact he was searching for: the shard was a small piece of a massive artifact called The Oblivion Lens, something able to control time, space and dimensions themselves. Its control over dimensional mechanics is likely what bound The Other to Elizabeth; she was likely in the same “place” as her but in another dimension, and the shards dug into them both as the chunk of obsidian was splintered.

Regardless, the Other was here to stay, and Elizabeth was put into a special psychiatric wing and given special classes. The Academy’s twenty-four hour surveillance, its restrictions, and the attitude of several of the staff rapidly began to grate on her. It was through this she eventually ‘bonded’ enough with the Other that they were willing to work together. It helped immensely that she discovered that they each feel sensations regardless of who is “in charge” at the time, though the Other has used this to dodge threats of torture in the past.

The Arkham Pawn, Elizabeth Adler

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