Robyn Alicia Quinn


“A bullet with your name, a ticking time grenade,
You better run away, run away, run away
Either way you’re screwed, there’s nothing you can do,
No matter what you say, what you say, what you say.

You better not sleep, because she’s waiting, waiting.
She knows all about you; you’re in her aim.”

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 126lbs.
Concept: The Gunsmith
Power Level: 10
Power Points: 169/169 Used
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Appearance: Here and here

Abilities: 28pp Spent
Strength: 12 (1)
Dexterity: 20 (5)
Constitution: 16 (3)
Intelligence: 14 (2)
Wisdom: 8 (-1)
Charisma: 18 (4)

Saves: 12pp Spent
Fort: + 7 (Base: 4+3 Con)
Ref: + 13 (Base: 8+5 Dex)
Will: -1 (Base 0-1 Wis)
Tough: + 9/6 flat footed (3 Con+3 Protection+3 Defensive Roll)

Combat: 26pp spent
Defence Bonus: +9/4 flat footed (7 base + 2 dodge)
Base Attack: +6
Melee Attack: +6
Ranged Attack: +10
Initiative: +5

Skills: 30pp spent
Acrobatics – +11 (6 ranks)
Bluff – +15 (11 ranks)
Climb – +1
Computer – +5 (3 ranks)
Concentration – -1
Craft (Music) – +4 (2 ranks)
Diplomacy – +12 (8 ranks)
Disable Device – +2
Disguise – +4
Drive – +5
Escape Artist – +9 (4 ranks)
Gather Information – +13 (9 ranks)
Handle Animal – +4
Intimidate – +8 (4 ranks)
Investigate – +2
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) – +5 (3 ranks)
Knowledge (Art) – +4 (2 ranks)
Knowledge (Business) – +4 (2 ranks)
Knowledge (Current Events) – +8 (6 ranks)
Knowledge (History) – +6 (4 ranks)
Knowledge (Pop Culture) – +12 (10 ranks)
Knowledge (Streetwise) – +10 (8 ranks)
Knowledge (Technology) – +9 (6 ranks)
Medicine – -1
Notice – -1
Perform (Keyboards) – +8 (4 ranks)
Perform (Singing) – +12 (8 ranks)
Perform (String Instruments) – +6 (2 ranks)
Pilot – +5
Ride – +5
Search – +2
Sense Motive – +1 (2 ranks)
Sleight of Hand – +15 (10 ranks)
Stealth – +13 (8 ranks)
Survival – -1
Swim – +1
Language – 2 ranks (English, Gaelic [Irish], French)

Feats: 16pp spent
Attractive (1 rank)
Dodge Focus (2 ranks)
Defensive Roll (3 ranks)
Attack Focus [Ranged] (4 ranks)
Move-By Action
Equipment (1 rank) [See Whitespace for details]

Powers: 57pp spent

Grand Steelworks
Type: General
Action: Move
Range: Ranged
Duration: Continuous
Cost: 13 (3/rank+1)
Feats: Precise
Extras: Duration, Moveable, Action (1 step)
Flaws: Limited (Can only produce weapons), Unreliable (5 uses before needing a recharge)

By tapping into both memory and imagination, Robyn can use magical energy to reconstruct an impressive array of weaponry. Each of these weapons is unique and different, her potential armoury ranging from simple swords to mildly complex firearms. Robyn herself tends to prefer ranged weaponry, since attacking at range feels more familiar to her. Each of her weapons carries a different effect; many elemental, some creating spectacular effects when utilised, other simply finding creative ways to cause harm.

The number of weapons Robyn can pull from “the steelworks” has several soft limits; she cannot simply create anything she needs at a given moment. She needs a clear idea what she is about to create, and it helps to have seen or concepted a weapon before hand. As well, a concept will often hold little variation once decided upon – if Robyn were to attempt to construct an “ice gun”, the same gun will be created every time. The weapons created in this method have a way of conferring a sort of innate knowledge of how to effectively wield them, allowing Robyn to do more than simply fire wildly or flail about, despite her inexperience with physical weapons.

Finally, due to Robyn’s inexperience with this new ability, she is sometimes unable to focus and utilise it properly. In the majority of cases it will simply fail to work every handful of times she uses it. Taking a moment to relax and refocus seems to fix this problem however, at least for now.

The following Blast set represents each of the different weapons that Robyn is capable of creating at this time.

Desperation Trigger: Stardust Reverie (Cosmic Gunfire Storm)
COSMIC BLAST (8 ranks)
Effect: Ranged Damage
Action: Full Round Action (active)
Range: Ranged
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Toughness
Cost: 34 (3/rank+10)
Feats: Accuratex3, Indirect, Alternate Powerx6
Extras: Autofire, Area (Targeted Burst), Selective Attack
Flaws: Action (1 step), Tiring

The culmination of all of Robyn’s current skill and knowledge with her weapon creation abilities, Stardust Reverie is a flashy and powerful attack, and one that she uses sparingly at best. Using her creation magic, she pulls almost every weapon she knows how to make into existence, shaking out of her sleeves, pulling them out of her hair, from inside her outfit’s top, shaking from her skirt, and in one last flourish, leaving numerous of her Crimson Lance rifles floating in the air in the wake of quick arcing swipe of her arm. In quick sucession, she fires each weapon at her feet once, while the ones floating around her sound off as well, ending the barrage with a blast from a gauss rifle coloured in black and gold, her family crest etched in silver on the back end of the stock. Despite the usually unchanging properties of her weapons, Robyn is able to channel pure cosmic energy for this attack, rendering it harder to effectively protect against.

This absolute barrage of ordinance will only target Robyn’s enemies within the wide area, shredding them with cosmically charged bullets. It does, however, have repercussions for Robyn herself, leaving her weakened and drained after the large expenditure of magical energy, greatly reducing her effectiveness except in the most exceptional of situations. Thus, Stardust Reverie is often saved as a “final attack” of sorts.

    First Trigger: Crimson Lance (Force Repeating Rifle)
    FORCE BLAST (10 ranks)
    Effect: Ranged Damage
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Toughness
    Cost: 21 (2/rank+1)
    Feats: Accurate

Using her ability to create weapons, Robyn can create a firearm based on a Winchester Model 1873 lever action repeating rifle. Stained a deep red with shimmering silver ley lines running across it, a black manual action lever and adorned in it’s side with a silver etching of Robyn’s family crest, this weapon represents Robyn’s most basic ranged attack. When the trigger is pulled, a “bullet” of raw force is fired, inflicting basic damage upon an opponent. This attack can only be used seven times before it’s ammo supply is spent, requiring the weapon to be remade.

    Second Trigger: Glacier Coffin (Ice Snare Revolver)
    ICE SNARE (10 ranks)
    Type: Attack
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Toughness
    Cost: 20 (1/rank)

Not all of Robyn’s created weapons provide her with simple attacks. The second weapon available to Robyn is a revolve, styled after a Colt Paterson. Possessing an icy blue finish, black ley lines running down the barrel in an ornate design, and Robyn’s family crest etched in silver into a black grip, when the trigger is pulled on this revolver, rather than firing a bullet or similar facsimile, the revolver issues out a pointed icicle. If this icicle comes into contact with a target, ice immediately explodes from the impact point, freezing a target in place. The revolver holds five shots before needing to be reformed

    Third Trigger: Breaker Inferno (Igniting Arrow Shot)
    FIRE DAMAGE (10 ranks)
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Toughness
    Cost: 20 (2/rank)

The only non-firearm of Robyn’s current arsenal, for her third trigger she instead forms a bright red shortbow, orange and yellow ley lines running up and down the limbs in a swirling pattern, and Robyn’s family crest etached upon the riser in gold. It is notched with a flaming arrow that, when it comes into contact with it’s target, explodes in a burst of furious flames that engulfs and ignites the victim on the receiving end, dealing them damage over time.

    Fourth Trigger: Fallen Melody (Dazzling Dubstep Flare Pistol)
    SONIC DAZZLE (7 ranks)
    Type: Sensory (Auditory)
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant (lasting)
    Saving Throw: Reflex/Fortitude
    Cost: 28 (4/rank+1)
    Feats: Affects Insubstantial
    Extras: Area (Targeted, Burst), Selective Attack

Possibly the most unusual weapon in Robyn’s arsenal is the antique german flare gun. Harkening back to her former abilities, this jet black flare gun, Robyn’s family crest etched on the grip, issues forth a blast of pure sound – and not just any sound, but the thumping, pounding, wubbing sounds of the (questionably defined as) music of dubstep. The power of dubstep is so strong that it is capable of confusing and dazzling anyone caught in the blast of sound that ensues from the flare gun’s ordinance. Why this is is up for debate, Robyn argues it’s because dubstep is so terrible those who hear it are too reviled to do much of anything. Or maybe it’s so infectious they just gotta dance! Whatever, just roll with it. Oh, and cover your ears.

    Fifth Trigger: Comet Raid (Penetrating Plasma Sniper Rifle)
    PLASMA BLAST (6 ranks)
    Effect: Ranged Damage
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Toughness
    Cost: 28 (4/rank+4)
    Feats: Accuratex2, Subtle, Improved Range
    Extras: Penetratingx2

While all of Robyn’s weapons allow her to attack at range, the Comet Raid takes this notion to an extreme. Manifestinig in the form of a silenced Mosin–Nagant M/28-76 sniper rifle stained gold and lined with white ley lines that form a jagged pattern across the weapon and her family crest etched in blue on the forestock, the Comet Raid is a highly accurate bolt of pure superheated plasma that is able to penetrate through most surfaces and many forms of protection, physcial and magical. While not immensely powerful or flashy, it serves an important purpose in Robyn’s arsenal, allowing her to deal with enemies resistant to her other attacks.

    Sixth Trigger: Divine Hurricane (Wind Knockback Area Blunderbuss)
    WIND BLAST (10 ranks)
    Effect: Ranged Damage
    Action: Standard (active)
    Range: Ranged
    Duration: Instant
    Saving Throw: Toughness
    Cost: 23 (2/rank+3)
    Feats: Knockback x3
    Extras: Area (General, Cone)
    Flaws: Unreliable (1 shot before useless)
    Drawbacks: Minimal Range

Few weapons pack as much raw power as a blunderbuss, and Robyn’s more than certainly packs a powerful punch. Based on a late 1700s flintlick blunderbuss with a bright skyblue stock and a white barrel with golden ley lines that form into Robyn’s family crest in the centre. When the trigger is pulled, the blunderbuss lets rip a blast of almost hurricane force winds (hence the name), harming a wide range of opponents as well as blowing them back. Just try not to be around when the trigger’s pulled, Robyn has no control once the winds blast forth.

Side Trigger: Cosmic Karma
LUCK CONTROL (2 ranks)
Type: General
Action: Reaction (passive)
Range: Perception
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Cost: 4 (2/rank)
Flaws: Side Effect

Through Robyn isn’t entirely aware of it, her rewritten power set seems to include the ability to influence the events around her on a subtle and profound level, allowing her to improve her allies odds of success (by spending a hero piint on their behalf. Alternatively, she can force her opponent to reroll whatever they were doing and take the worse of their results! Ain’t that nifty?!) in a pinch. Makes up for her own apparent run of bad luck, in many ways (no, it doesn’t). However, should she attempt to help one of her fellow teammates and fail… well. That’s when a bad day for her really starts.

Side Trigger: Cosmic Transformation
MORPH (1 rank)
Type: Alteration
Action: Free (active)
Range: Personal
Duration: Sustained
Saving Throw: None
Cost: 1 (1/rank)

As if some by some sort of cosmic irony, Robyn’s rewritten magical abilities confer unto her the ability to change her appearance, just as she had learned to do as The Siren. However, rather than changing her into a fearsome, spectral woman as before, this time it seems to provide her with a more colourful outfit not unlike, thematically, the ones Hotaru and Shina transform into. She refuses to call it a magical girl costume, but deep down, she knows that’s what it basically is. But what can you do besides go with what you’re given? Just shoot her if she starts making bold quotes about fighting evil and winking at nothing.

Side Trigger: Cosmic Mobility
LEAPING (2 ranks)
Type: Movement
Action: Move (active)
Range: Personal
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Cost: 2 (1/rank)

Moving like a person out of a flashy animated movie based on a popular video game, the ability to leap to impressive heights has replaced Robyn’s previous ability to fly. This allows her to quickly move from point to point, as well as to vantage points that perfectly suits her gunslinging. It might look silly, but it’s actually quite effective.

Side Trigger: Cosmic Resilience
PROTECTION (3 ranks)
Type: Defence
Action: None (passive)
Range: Personal
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Cost: 3 (1/rank)

It’s one thing when someone tells you to have thick skin, it’s entirely another when you wake up one day and just seem to. In Robyn’s case, this seems to be a somewhat literal occurrence, as the time since having her magic rewritten has proven her to be much more resilient to harm than she used to be. Hopefully she doesn’t start jumping in front of trains or searching for landmines just because she thinks she can.


“Let’s begin where the story ends
I’ll try to explain how I lost my friends
I didn’t stop when I knew I should
I’ve got nothing now, it’s gone for good”

At first glance, Robyn Alicia Quinn may not be one what one expects out of mage, modern or otherwise. Born in Ireland to a French mother and an Irish father, her life was decided average until shortly after she turned ten, at which point she and her mother uprooted, her parents abruptly separating. Unknowing of the reasons behind the event, Quinn was dragged along with her mother as she moved from Cork to the USA, to Boston. There, she began her life over again as an American student.

“I was less than amazing, I do not know what all the trouble is for…”

Quinn had always gotten along well enough with her mother, an artist, so she didn’t ultimately mind. Taking after her mother, she had always been artistically minded, and had taken a particular liking to music at a young age. Always easy going, even at her young age, Quinn was surprisingly unstressed by the new situation she found herself in, finding it as an opportunity to meet new people and explore new places and music. As the next few years, however, Quinn began to notice some unusual things happening.

“I see the sound, I will find my way”

The first was when she started to be able to “see” sound; little clouds of colour, whisping as if caught on the wind as they drifted from people’s mouths, from the instruments she played, from the stereo as she listened. She felt a connection to this phenomenon, as if it allowed her to actually reach out and touch the sounds she loved so much. She would soon learn however that it was much, much more. Her mother, a witch who had left her family in France, and subsequently her former husband, was the one who told Quinn the truth of what it was she could do, and began to teach her the subtleties of her magical talents.

“Is there any truth to the recipe? I’ve been mixing thrills in the right key”

It was likely because of this – and the fact that Quinn had taken to uses of her magic, incidental or otherwise, in small doses (activities which included using the right tones and words to get her way, convincing people to do things for her, sneaking into places she shouldn’t be, and even once helping thwart off some bullies with what would be later compared to a “sizable clap of thunder”) that she received her letter from Disseptum Fractio, and despite trepidation on her mother’s part, Quinn soon found herself on her way to California.

“Maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s gonna be my year”

Quinn has gotten along well enough at her previous schools, if not without her share of problems. While not known as a troublemaker, she is known for being somewhat difficult and temperamental, despite an overall easy going and caring nature. Though she’s never outright violated any of the schools rules – at least, she doesn’t think so, or at least think that they know – she has toed the line a couple of times. But still, she does well, always enthusiastic about what she has to do next. That’s probably why she’s looking forward to life at the Academy. That’s what she tells herself, anyway. Here’s hoping she doesn’t make life too hard for anyone.

“I will be your saint or your sinner, I will be whatever plays the part.”

Quinn – who answers to any combination of any part of her name, be it Robyn, Alicia, Robyn Alicia, or just Quinn – stands at just under five and a half feet, often sporting a smile across a pale face. Her Irish heritage isn’t always readily noticeable at first, with the more angular features and darker hair of her mother’s French heritage shining through strongest of all. Her green eyes and pale skin are the biggest indicators of her heritage, as is her accent – despite being a melding of three different countries, even after eight years away from her homeland her Irish accent bleeds through most of all, with a hint of her French mother’s tongue and her time living in Boston. She almost always has headphones, either nestled on her ears or hanging around her neck. Usually they’re playing music, something which allows her to always have sound available, but really, it’s hard to tell until one actually tries to talk to her.

Quinn is known for being a rather lazy and easy going young woman who is easy to amuse and quite excitable, with a love for music and fashion. She has been known to show a darker side, however, as she is quick to anger and prone to snapping at those who annoy or cross her, and has little to no compunction about using her magic to do or get what she wants (unless specifically told not to; no sense of morality stays her voice). Sometimes appearing intimidating or even sinister, Quinn is immensely mischievous, loving, caring, and protective, and as long as one doesn’t cross her, everything’s going to be alright. If you do… be prepared.

“And I’ve been going through changes…”

Recently, an accident with a ritual and being more powerful and something or other (grumble, grumble) has completely rewritten the magic that Robyn has access to. No longer possessing her ability to wield and manipulate sound – and thus, people and things – to her whims, instead she has gained the ability to tap into a “Grand Steelworks”, an endless foundry of weaponry she can create at her fingertips at a moments notice. Specialising specifically in ranged weapons and in particular firearms, the innate knowledge of how to use these weapons has the potential to turn Robyn into a deadly and useful asset should things continue going for her and her friends the way they have been…

Music reference
Panic! at the Disco – The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage
Andrew McMahon – Synesthesia
The Paper Melody – The Nightmare Academy
The Delgados – Woke From Dreaming
The Birthday Massacre – One Promise
Jack’s Mannequin – Swim
Lisa Miskovsky – Last Year’s Song
The National – Conversation 16
Etro Anime – See The Sound
The Graduate – Anhedonia
All Time Low – Weightless
Emma Pollock – I Could Be A Saint
The Cure – Friday, I’m In Love
The Mountain Goats – Old College Try
The Get Up Kids – Hannah Hold On
The Beatles – Let It Be
Dia Frampton – Walk Away
Army of Me – Going Through Changes
The Delgados – If This Is A Plan
The Delgados – Come Undone
fun. – Some Nights (Intro)
fun. – Some Nights

All songs Quinn would listen to in character. Look ‘em up!

Quinn’s Nicknames:
Fiora – “Blue”,
Miyako – “Amber”
Iris – “Red”
Alyssa – “Snowy”
Amanda – “Jade”
Marisa – “Violet”
Hotaru – “Citrine”

Robyn Alicia Quinn

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