Snow-wolves and some guy riding a bigger one just blew dinner to shit. Got photos, do some research when network’s back up.

The quarter-oni uses spells in latin. Seems a little anachronistic.

pp’s amused by all this. I wouldn’t call that healthy, but at least there’s someone else around here used to random supernatural attacks. Reassuring.

Would K let pp keep a wolf inside? Can’t think of any way that would end other than a puddle on the floor inside of ten minutes.

Touhou doesn’t seem that concerned about collateral damage. Look into who actually fronts the bill for structural damage in situations like this.

Naptime summoned a t-rex. Respect.

Either amazon has a hair-trigger temper or she’s trying to draw attention to herself. She’s welcome to it!

Tagged the rider with time distortion, broom to the face and a lightshow from pp finished him off.

connection established

Back in business.

Amazon runs at the mouth a bit. Can’t exactly blame her, but it’s stupid. Wasting time.

Quick cycle through the cameras show that. Multiple incursions. Knocked out power beforehand, local grid and school’s backup. This wasn’t an attack, this was a probe. See how people react. Pick out the dangerous ones.

tbh our performance was a bit shit; I’d give us a 6/10, counting the bonus point for the cool factor of the t-rex. Half of what everyone threw missed, a lot of the rest didn’t do much. Need to revise some spells.

Plott’s got combat armor. Terumi’s got androids. Black sludge from what the rider dissolved into safely stuck in biohazard containment.

Headed up to Plott’s to talk more. Not sure what else needs to be said, but meh.

Current count:
$10 on future people (me)
$10 on Soviet Brain Communists (D.Crypt)
$10 on secret government wetworks squad (CTdA3m0n)
$10 on this being an attempt at peaceful communication by extradimensional aliens (NeetFreak)
$10 on weather balloons (MissIngno)



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